Dealt in a single attack against a single target

1. 161 against Demon in Lake Galifar Portal Room under Arcanix by Magnus with a Paladin 3rd level smite.

1. 143 against ghost beast from Magnus with a divine smite from a 2nd level spell slot, against a creature with vulnerability

- 1. 116 Necrotic by Luna against a Living Fireball in the Mournland with Inflict Wounds out of a 4th level spell slot.

- 2. 99 Piercing and Radiant by Magnus to a Bone Collective. Pally Pop.

- 3. 83 Necrotic damage by Luna against large dogmole near passage. Inflict Wounds Crit.

- 4. 82 Piercing and Radiant by Magnus to an Air Elemental. Pally Pop.

- 5. 80 Mixed Fire, Radiant and Bludgeoning unarmed strike crit by Magnus against Rocky at The Feral Dog.

- 6. 61 Radiant (pally smite) against undead guards in the house of Dirk Ir Robinson by Magnus D’Denieth.

Dealt in a single round against a single target.

- Lyn 129 against an amphyptyr.

Dealt in a single attack

- Luna 140 against 8x bugs on the ship.

Dealt in a single round

- Lyn 129 against a tree

- Ariel P. 43 dmg (to unknown)

Dealt against an inanimate object



Most kills in a single fight by a single person

3. Lyn, unknown number of humanoids under the temple to the Traveller – totally bonkers

Hit points restored over a single fight


Highest number of KOs

- Ariel P. 8 (deceased)
- Al’xander 5 (deceased)
- Luna 3
- Racket 2 (deceased)
- Lyn 0
- Magnus 7
- Kit 0
- Xenobia 1
- Lynx 1


41 with a Strength (Athletics) check from Lyn Runehammer in the tower at Drum Hold.

Highest rank of Exhaustion achieved



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