Magic Items

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Chest in Foxglove Manor

Hack & Slash

Two Magical Weapons, Require 2 x Attunement by the same creature

This battleaxe and longsword operate as a pair to deliver devastating results.

Hack (Battleaxe) When an attack is landed with Hack, it bites deeply into the creature struck and momentarily holds them in place. Any attacks made until the end of your turn against this creature using Slash are made with advantage .

Slash (Longsword) When an attack is landed with Slash, it sunders armour and opens a gaping wound in the damaged creature. Any damage dealt to this creature using Hack until the end of your turn is doubled.

& If damage delivered by both Hack and Slash in a single turn remove half or more of the attacked creature’s remaining hit points, the creature is reduced to zero hit points immediately.


Rare Weapon, Requires Attunement

This Maul is finely constructed, entirely silver but with a finish that alternates between matte and shine giving the impression of dense storm clouds. The head of the hammer is embossed with a lightning bolt on one face, and a cloud on the other. It is a Magic Weapon which builds up “charge” each time it delivers a Critical Hit (one per critical hit, expiring after 1 hour).
Any number of charges may be spent at once, choosing only one from the options below. For each charge spent, the bolded properties double.

The weapon rings with thunder that is audible within 100 feet of you, and the attack deals an extra *1*d6 thunder damage to the target. Additionally, if the target is a creature, it must succeed on a Strength saving throw (DC: 10 + Wielder’s STR Modifier) or be pushed 10 feet away from you and knocked prone.
The weapon energizes with blazing blue electricity visible at 100 feet even in light. The attack deals an extra *1*d6 lightning damage to the target. Additionally, the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw (DC: 8 + Wielder’s CON Modifier) or be stunned. A creature stunned by this spell makes another Constitution saving throw (DC10) at the end of each of its turns to end the effect.

Backpack of Holding

Wand of Guiding Bolt

Rare Wand

This dark wooden rod has steel bands at the half-way point and the tip, from each protrude rings which surround tiny floating stones. Visual alignment of these floating stones “aims” the wand at its target.
This wand has a +10 bonus to hit and casts Guiding Bolt at 1st Level. Each time the wand is used, it loses 1d4 to it’s “to hit” bonus. Each dawn, the wand refreshes its to hit bonus back to +10.

Lyn Runehammer

Sprint Mail

Very Rare Armor (Splintmail), Requires Attunement
This splint mail features an upper half which features steel trimmed light grey panels which have been unconventionally shaped and joined to afford greater flexibility and freedom of movement to the wearer than normal. The greaves could be mistaken at a glance to be painted onto the wearer due to their snug fit and plating as miniscule as it is fluid and flexible.
While wearing this armor, you gain the following benefits:
• You may ignore up to one feature causing each foot of movement to cost two feet such moving over difficult terrain, crawling or the effects of a spell.
• When you move 10 feet in a line towards a creature you make a melee weapon attack against this turn, you may attempt to Shove or Overrun that creature as a free action.
• Moving 10 feet in a line before making an thrown weapon attack doubles both the applicable range increments of the attack and number of base damage die rolled.

Insignia of Superior Rank

Uncommon Wondrous Item

This emblem denoting Lyn’s position of Lieutenant within the Aundairian Army will, if shown briefly to someone within a hierarchical society of some sort (military, guild, church, etc.) who use such emblems to denote rank, be seen as though it belonged to their organisation and shows a rank two above their own. This effect will not stand up to scrutiny, however; If someone handles or closely inspects this emblem they will make a DC10 Investigation check to see it for what it really is.

Any orders issued to someone who has seen the insignia and believe it to show rank above their station, as long as they are phrased in a manner which would be conceivable for the observer’s orders to be delivered to them, will receive a -5 penalty to checks made against social checks rolled by the insignia holder.


Very Rare Magical Greatsword, Require Attunement

This greatsword looks less than special; it’s blade stained with scuffs and dried blood which resist all manner of cleaning attempts, the leather wrapping the grip is severely faded, frayed and coming unbound in areas. The mundane appearance of this weapon belies its potent potential.

Each time this weapon successfully lands a hit on an opponent, damage subsequently dealt by this weapon is increased by one dice denomination (2d6 becomes 2d8, etc. to a maximum of 2d12). The effect of amplification is visually coupled by the blade of the sword visibly growing by 20% each time a hit lands, while the weight, balance and range of the blade remain unchanged. This effect resets at the start of each of your turns, reverting to the base 2d6 damage and retaking the appearance of a regulation, if poorly maintained; greatsword.

Trollhide Ring of Regeneration

Rare Magical Ring, Requires Attunement

Attuning to this item imbues a curse that manifests in several facial warts appearing immediately, giving disadvantage on all social interaction checks made where the other party can see the cursed character. Additionally, while cursed by this item, the wearer is Vulnerable to Fire Damage. The ring may not be removed or unattuned while the curse is active, growing into the skin of the finger of the wearer.

This ring has the appearance of a simple band which has been wrapped and completely covered in thick, rough skin of a greenish grey monstrosity, detailed only by the crude stitching keeping the skin wrapped around whatever solid band resides within the item.

While attuned to this item, the wearer may spend a hit die to restore hit points equal to the result of the roll plus the creature’s Constitution modifier as an object interaction. This regenerative effect may only be used if the attuned creature has one or more hit die available and has not taken fire damage within the last hour.

Staff of Transitory Aggrandization

Very Rare Magical Staff, Require Attunement

As an action, the attuned may activate this item by targeting a creature it can see within 30 feet and expending one spell slot of 3rd level or higher. If the target creature is unwilling, it must succeed a Constitution Saving Throw (DC10) to negate all effects of this item. If the target creature has 100 or fewer hit points; it dies immediately. After one round, a creature one size category larger and of significantly greater power to the target creature emerges from the corpse of it’s former self (the DM will assign an appropriate stat block). The aggrandized creature enters the initiative order and acts in a mindless frenzy for one minute, after which time it collapses in on itself becoming a pile of non-magical snow.

The Traveller’s Edge

Rare Dagger

When used to attack a Fiend, on a successful hit this dagger adds 3d4 Radiant damage.

Vestments of the Light

Requires Attunement by a Cleric or Paladin

Your Intelligence cannot be lower than your Wisdom.
Radiant Damage from spells you cast which would be negated by a saving throw is halved instead.
While wearing these robes, you may prepare one spell of up to 5th level as an action. To do so, you must have left one spell from your available maximum unprepared during morning prayers.

Magnus Deneith

Manifold Haft

Very Rare Weapon, Requires Attunement
An 8 inch rod wrapped in maroon linen binding which tightly weaves back into itself over and over so as to completely obscure whatever lies within its wraps weighs virtually nothing and could easily be mistaken for the haft of any of a selection of weapons that a knight may reach for.
As a bonus action, activating this item causes the remainder of a spectral martial melee weapon selected by the attuned to materialise for one minute. The weapon form chosen may not have the Two-Handed property. The weapon functions as a normal weapon of the chosen type but rolls one additional damage dice of the same size as the base of the emulated form and deals all base damage as Force.

Haven Stake

Rare Wondrous Item
This item looks like a simple 12 inch long iron spike that one might expect to find securing the corner of a large tent.
When driven into the ground, this item produces an illusion of a mundane feature relevant to the immediate surrounds such as crates by a dock, boulders on a hillside, or a parked caravan in a side street of a town. The illusion spans ten feet in every direction and completely obscures visibility of onlookers. Physical interaction with or witnessing a creature moving into or out of the illusion reveals it to be false. Alternately, a that uses its action to deliberately examine the mundane feature with a successful Intelligence (Investigation) check against DC10 to disbelieve it. In either case, the illusion becomes transparent to the creature who disbelieves it.

Manacles of Veracity

Rare Wondrous Item

Two dark metal shackles, unconnected to one another, comprise this item. When both shackles are attached to a single creature’s wrists, a spectral chain made of faintly glowing blue links of pure force forms between them and draws the shackles together over three rounds until only three links remain, at which point the shackled creature is Restrained.

Once the Restrained effect takes hold, the shackled creature must pass a DC15 Charisma save or be under the effects of the Zone of Truth spell for the duration of their restraint. This effect may not be used again until the Shackles have spent 24 hours unattached to any creature.

Unlike normal manacles, the chain binding the shackles may not be broken with any Strength check, nor may the lock be picked using Thieves Tools unless they are magically infused. Unlocking the shackles requires two keys inserted into either respective shackle in unison, one key obsidian and the other calcite, both ending with cylindrical rods unadorned with teeth as one would expect from traditional keys.

Staff of Lordly Presence

Rare Item, requires attunement

While attuned to this item, Persuasion checks are made with Advantage.
Additionally, you can use an action to present the staff and command obedience from each creature of your choice that you can see within 60 feet of you. Each target that understands the language in which the commandment was issued in must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by you for 1 hour. While charmed in this way, the creature regards you as its trusted leader. If harmed by you or your companions, or commanded to do something contrary to its nature, a target ceases to be charmed in this way. The staff can’t be used for this effect again until the next dawn.

Sending Stones

Wondrous item, uncommon

Sending stones come in pairs, with each smooth stone carved to match the other so the pairing is easily recognized. While you touch one stone, you can use an action to cast the sending spell from it. The target is the bearer of the other stone. If no creature bears the other stone, you know that fact as soon as you use the stone and don’t cast the spell.

Once sending is cast through the stones, they can’t be used again until the next dawn. If one of the stones in a pair is destroyed, the other one becomes nonmagical.


Keris of Pullulation

Rare Weapon (requires attunement by a Warlock)
This dagger is not capable of landing a Critical Hit (a natural 20 on an Attack Roll still assures a successful hit), however, whenever the Weapon Damage dice rolls a 4, the result is kept and the dice re-rolled as additional damage (subsequent 4s are also kept and re-rolled).
As a Bonus Action; the Keris of Pullulation may be plunged into the wielder and damage resolved as normal.
- If the self inflicted damage rolls one or more 4s, all saves against spells and effects of the wielder are made with disadvantage until the start of the wielder’s next turn.
- If the self inflicted damage does not show a 4, the wielder’s spell save DC is increased by the base Weapon Damage number rolled on the damage dice until the start of their next turn.

Espy Globe

A clear glass globe four inches in diameter with perfectly smoothed edges is an impressive feat of craftsmanship, but does nothing to suggest its true application.

Spending one minute holding the globe in both hands and concentrating causes a faint clicking sound as of glass breaking and a fine linear crack to form from the center of the item to it’s outer edge. This crack points towards creatures or artifacts of immense power within one mile of the item’s location but not within 60 feet of it. The crack points true to its selected target based on its bearing when activated; moving the item thereafter shows the crack to move as it would if it were mere damage to a mundane item.

The item remains cracked until it is reset with a casting of Mending at which time it regains its unmarred perfect construction and finish and may be used anew.

Repercussing Breastplate

Very Rare Breastplate, Requires Attunement

Immaculately crafted from cold iron and accented with deep royal blue runes of mystic arcanic power which seem to pulse and shimmer when viewed, this breastplate features spiked pauldrons flanking a chest-piece dominated by a design which appears as outstretched wings almost touching across the chest and repeated on the back, or if the negative space is focused on, appears as a barbed tentacle tipped by an outstretched claw rising up towards the wearer’s throat.

While wearing this item, when an area effect spell or spell-like ability causes the attuned to take damage, you may add half the damage taken (of the same damage type) to an Eldritch Blast you cast within the next minute. You may choose when to apply this effect within this time. Any subsequent instances of area effect damage taken replace unspent damage.


Blood & Bone

Very Rare Pair of Rapiers, Requires Attunement (Attunes as one item)
This pair of weapons are alike only in the fashion of their ornate silver hilts and handguards. One features a three foot long narrow shard of beige bone which appears to have been shaped and sharpened by chipping shards away until a thin but lethal edge was all that remained. The other has a blade resembling a regulation rapier in shape, though completely coated in viscous maroon blood which, although wet to the touch, refuses to dry or wipe away to reveal the blade beneath.
While wielding both, all damage dealt by these weapons is resolved with d10s. This includes bonus damage from all sources applied to attacks made with these weapons.
Once hit by both Blood and Bone, a creature is magically marked for death for one hour. Whenever a creature marked in this way takes damage from any source, an additional 1d10 psychic damage is applied.
Additionally, the first attack made each round with either of these weapons against a marked creature is made with advantage.

Circle-Step Scepter

Rare Wondrous Item
This ebony rod has runes etched in a single stripe down its length and three small adamantine “claws” poised to hold a medium sized (only) Dragonshard in place for this item’s use.
This rod has one charge. Spending the charge takes concentration and one minute to complete, consuming the dragonshard loaded into the rod’s tip in the process.
Eberron Dragonshard: Tracing the outer border of an existing permanent Teleportation Circle allows it to be used to appear at another known by the item’s operator.
Khyber Dragonshard: Drawing a circle with the item allows the casting of the spell Teleportation Circle.
Siberys Dragonshard: Allows a single casting of the spell Teleport.
Every time this item is used, roll 4 d20s in a row. If each result shown is smaller than the one before it (i.e. 20, 15, 10, 5), the Dragonshard is consumed and charge is spent but the teleportation effect does not occur.
After this item’s charge is spent, it replenishes after exactly three days.

Vial of Vigour

Rare Wondrous Item

This small vial appears as a mundane trinket, with a frosted finish and simple rubber stopper.
Any fluid sealed within the vial for 24 hours becomes a Potion of Greater Healing. The contents reverts to its previous form one minute after the vial is unstoppered.

Ring of Rising

Uncommon Ring, Requires Attunement

This simple band of iron appears as two wings wrapped about the finger of the wearer, the tips of which nearly touch.
As a bonus action, the attuned may activate this ring to gain the effects of the Levitate spell on themselves for one minute without requiring concentration.

Swathe of the Monarch

A brooch in the shape of a cocoon appears mundane to the casual eye, made of a light pewter moulded to shape and scratched to show the intricate detail of the threading constructing the thumb-sized object. The cocoon may be opened by gently pressing the top and bottom, opening a small crack length-ways down the cocoon allowing the shell to be pulled open as though the item were made of organic material.

When opened, a blue morpho butterfly emerges under the openers control as though conjured forth through use of the spell Conjure Animals, accepting detailed instruction from its controller and acting in accordance with them. The controller may adjust instructions via mental commands, and the butterfly may communicate back if requested using abstract mental imagery befitting a creature of its intelligence. After one minute, the butterfly turns to dust and the cocoon begins knitting itself back together.

The item may not be used again until the cocoon is reformed to its original state; a process which takes one hour to complete. Any item placed into the brooch is destroyed by the reformation process, barring gems which may be placed into the open cocoon to alter the breed of butterfly produced by the brooch.

Wand of Web

Wand, uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This wand has 7 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges to cast the Web spell (save DC 15) from it.

The wand regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand’s last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.


Uncommon Wondrous Item

While holding this clear cut crystal the size of a thumb with both hands cupped around it; a question may be directed at the crystal. When revealed, the crystal will have taken on one of three colours;

  • Opaque and deep crimson, the stone indicates an answer of “No”.
  • Translucent and royal purple, the stone indicates an answer of “Yes”.
  • Clouded with veins of a rich golden-yellow, the stone indicates neither or both.

The stone can only show answers that are knowable (i.e. It cannot predict the future, explain the Gods, etc.). The stone must be kept in an unobserved state for a full hour to “reset”, which may happen at most once per calendar day.




Uncommon Wondrous Item

While holding this clear cut crystal the size of a thumb with both hands cupped around it; a question may be directed at the crystal. When revealed, the crystal will have taken on one of three colours;

  • Opaque and deep crimson, the stone indicates an answer of “No”.
  • Translucent and royal purple, the stone indicates an answer of “Yes”.
  • Clouded with veins of a rich golden-yellow, the stone indicates neither or both.

The stone can only show answers that are knowable (i.e. It cannot predict the future, explain the Gods, etc.). The stone must be kept in an unobserved state for a full hour to “reset”, which may happen at most once per calendar day.


Conducive Baton

Uncommon Wondrous Item

This conductors wand, when handled and activated with any one of a collection of sounds and words, will open a channel between the Material Plane and Thelanis. This channel will allow visual and audio information to be passed in both direction in a very narrow range. To onlookers, including the wielder, any creatures within the area in Thelanis transmitted this way will appear as blue-ish and translucent illusions of themselves, as though conjured by the spell Animated Illusion.

The visage from the Feywild will appear within the space of the operator and move when/as they do, remaining in their space (as though gliding along the ground). The wand must remain in motion to hold this channel open. Should the baton cease moving, or be completely visibly concealed from the channel, after a few seconds; the channel will close.

Arial Phiarlain

Mirrored Rope, “Echo”

Uncommon Wondrous Item

This rope made of a mix if silk and mithril extends to a full length of 100’, weighing the same amount as a regulation 50’ Silk Rope. Any part of this rope that is physically handled causes an identical effect to happen on the other end of the rope (divided at the 50’ mark), allowing the operator to curve, twist, knot and move one end of the rope to achieve an identical effect the same distance from the far end of the rope.

This mechanism works when either end of the rope is operated in this way, and forces which would stop the movement of one end of the rope prevent the same movement at the other end (e.g. If tied around a tree branch, both ends of the rope can only be pulled into a loop for knotting the diameter of the branch). Any part of the rope which is not being actively manipulated into a shape hangs limp as normal rope, including parts of the rope that have been previously manipulated in shape.


Arcanic Pawse

Rare Wondrous Item

Humble by all appearances, this black metal earing holds a small dark grey stone chiselled to crudely resemble the paw of some wild beast. When touched to a magical item, magically infused item, or physical manifestation of a magical effect; this stone has the ability to suspend the arcane energies it makes contact with. This effect can suspend any Magical Item of a Very Rare quality or lower, or suspend a magical effect of fifth level or lower for one minute. At the conclusion of this time, the item or effect resumes as for the remainder of their normal duration (if applicable).

The Arcanic Pawse may be used a number of times per day equal to the owner’s Wisdom modifier, recharging all lost uses at dawn.

This item is not capable of suspending or neutralising curses either in effect or by their source. Further, this item is impervious to spells and spell-like abilities, including (but not limited to) refusing to meld into a Wild Shape or Polymorphed wearer.


Rare Quarterstaff, Requires Attunement by a creature with the Shillelagh Cantrip
This wooden quarterstaff is topped with an intricate carving of the head of a canine, it’s eyes dotted with grey stone.
While carried by the attuned creature, the base weapon damage dice is 1d8 and attacks made with the weapon are made using Wisdom in place Strength for attack and damage rolls. The weapon has two additional attributes of note: Bite and Bark.
Bite: When this item becomes the target of the spell Shillelagh, the base weapon damage increases to 2d8 for the duration.
Bark: As an action via a mental command, the mouth of the canine topping this item opens and lets forth a mighty bark, casting Thunderwave (Save DC 16) at 1st level centred on the wielder. This ability may not be used again until this weapon reduces a creature to zero hit points using it’s Bite ability.

Luna Brightstar

Dol Arrah’s Radiance

Uncommon Wondrous Item

You say a prayer to Dol Arrah, asking her blessing for a target creature that you are touching. Activate this sigil by spending an action in prayer and select a blessing to apply to the target from the list below and roll a single unmodified d20.

Dol Arrah’s Blessing
… of Glory
– Advantage on the next Opposed Check made by the target
… of Good
– Advantage on the next Save against a Condition made by the target
… of Law
– Advantage on the next Concentration Check made by the target
… of Sun
– Advantage on the next Death Saving Throw made by the target
… of War
– Advantage on the next Initiative roll made by the target
Each of the above blessings dissipates at the next dawn if not used.

If the result of the d20 roll is a natural 20, you draw the favour of Dol Dorn: add the following boon to the target.

Dol Dorn’s Dedication
– Advantage on the next Attack Roll made by the target. This boon does not expire until its results have concluded.

Each time after the first that this item is used before a new Eberron sunrise shines light directly on this item, a 10% chance is added that you will draw the ire of The Mockery (represented by increments of 2 on the d20 roll, i.e. 1-2 = 10%, 1-4 = 20%): adding “The Mockery’s Maleficence” to the target. Effects of The Mockery’s Maleficence are resolved by the DM, unknown to both the Vassal and the Target until they present.

Keeper’s Cusp

Magical Quarterstaff/Exotic Weapon, Requires Attunement

Once attuned, this item has two states: Quarterstaff and Scythe. This item is a holy symbol in addition. The state of the item changes when the Attuned casts Thaumaturgy.
While attuned to this item, whenever you recover a creature from zero hit points or reduce a creature to zero hit points, this item gains one charge.
The attuned gains a +1 bonus to AC while this item is held in one hand, or a +2 bonus to AC if held in both hands.
When casting a healing spell, one charge may be spent per spell level to add 1d8 to the pool of healing dice.
Dice rolled to heal where this item was used as the Holy Symbol explode.
This weapon functions as a Magical Quarterstaff for the purpose of bypassing resistance.
The attuned is proficient with this item and uses Wisdom for the purposes of attack rolls and damage. The base damage of this two-handed weapon is 2d4 Slashing.
You have resistance to damage from non-magical slashing, piercing and bludgeoning weapons.
You may not cast spells (other than Thaumaturgy), but may maintain concentration.
When an attack is landed with the Scythe, any number of available charges may be spent to add 1d8 per charge to the pool of damage. This additional damage is Necrotic.

Dak Del Koth


Very Rare Dagger, Requires Attunement

This item’s matte black blade emerges from a dull dark grey metal hilt inlaid with a single black gemstone at the intersection of the blade, grip and crossguard. As the dagger is brought deeper into darkness, the blade shrinks inward leaving irregular razor sharp serrations in its wake.

This dagger deals additional Necrotic damage based on the lighting level where a hit is landed. This bonus damage is 1d6 in an area of bright light, 2d6 in dim light, and 3d6 in darkeness.

Using a Bonus Action to mentally activate Eclipse causes nonmagical light in a 15 foot cube centered on the dagger to become darker (bright light becomes dim, dim light becomes darkness). This effect remains in place until the end of your next turn. Once used, this ability may not be used again for one hour.

Jet Cube

Rare Wondrous Item, Requires Attunement

This 1" black stone cube bears distinct runes on each face in bas relief matching no known language.
As an action, the attuned may touch up to four faces on the cube while looking at a point within 60’ of them, at which 10′ × 10′ black stone walls 6" thick appear in unobstructed space corresponding to the face and direction of the cube faces touched. Summoned walls remain for 1d6+1 rounds, remaining in defiance of physics. Once used, this item may not be used again until the following dawn.

Wand of Volatile Healing

Rare Wand
This 8 inch wand appears as translucent crystal, with black veins visible running through the core of the device.
Touching this wand to a creature and speak its command word to operate it, then roll 2d6 and 1d4.
If the result of the 2d6 is higher than the result on the 1d4 roll, add all three dice together and the target regains that many hit points.
If the 1d4 roll is equal to or greater than the result of the 2d6, the device explodes and deals the sum of the three dice in necrotic damage to both the creature operating the wand, and the creature touched by it; the Wand is destroyed in this process.

Magic Items

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