Inquisitive Society

Inquisitive Society

Below is a list of objectives which will yield XP reward once they have been achieved. The Objectives table contains those objectives which are currently on offer to the party. The table at the end of this page shows the “replacement” objectives – These will move from Future Objectives to Objectives once the Objective of the same Type is achieved (replacing it one-for-one). Achieving a Future Objective yields no reward while it is not “current” (signified by inclusion in the Objectives table, or as described at the table).


Any – An activity that must be achieved by one or more party members
Each – An activity that every character must achieve, one at a time
All – An activity that every character must achieve at once, together


Objective Type Reward
Be welcomed into an establishment that shouldn’t permit you entry All 2,750 XP
Cause a hostile creature to make a Concentration Check Each 1,250 XP
Move a hostile creature into a pre-existing area effect Any 1,500 XP

Future Objectives

Objective Type Reward
Initiate dispensery of justice through local judicial means All 3,000 XP
Successfully employ diplomacy to reach your preferred outcome Each 1,600 XP
Cause a hostile creature to make an attack against their ally Any 1,850 XP

Achieved Objectives

Objective Type Reward
Kill a hostile creature while all other hostiles are at full HP All 1,500 XP
Track a creature you are not familiar with to its current location Any 500 XP
Use a trap laid by an enemy to actively harm that enemy Any 750 XP
Uncover a Draconic Prophecy related fact by researching Any 900 XP
Avoid an attack that would otherwise have hit you using cover Each 1,000 XP
Move past a hostile humanoid without being detected Any 1,200 XP
Take an action while all hostile creatures are Surprised All 2,000 XP
Make ten attacks in a single round with Advantage All 2,250 XP
Definitively win a combat encounter without killing any creatures All 2,500 XP

Inquisitive Society

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