Hind Galifar’s ebb and fore Sovereign’s flood
The nether of Khyber’s scions arise
Death manifest both by claw and by blood
The congress holds key to halt Zadkiel’s demise

A call to arms rallies few; daring and brave
Borders strain thin on unstable foundations
The bloodlines entwined amass prizes they crave
Foment peril amidst and against feuding nations

Mabaran legacy reformed and fulfilled
Bound souls of the fallen to vessels be placed
The lady and lord elect who shall be killed
Reviving a mark bids a house be effaced

Majesty assembles atop lands sown with grief
The risen’s moil tireless while passage is built
A blaze is besieged under specious belief
Becoming a hostage to blades without hilt

Dust of times ancient undoes wards that bind
The Queen takes her crown but in moments will fall
A secret curator’s power unconfined
Death comes for the Dragons, the elves, and then all

Monition: Quietus

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