One Page Guide to Character Creation

How to be a better Role Player
This article published on Nerd Sourced covers things from Character Concept to implementation, but more importantly; in-game building on the flow.

Shane’s favourite character sheet (warning: 57mb zip archive)
ALTERNATE TO THE ABOVE (direct links to various files available in this thread)

Eberron Stuff

Some other DM wrote a "101" article for his (or her) players to introduce them to Eberron. This is written for D&D 3.5, so anything mechancial will be different (there isn't a heap in there) but this is a pretty smashing good intro with our D&D knowledge level into what Eberron is by comparison to other settings (i.e. FR).

I will post stuff here periodically that might be useful for building a baseline familiarity at your leisure. As previously discussed, I will make eBooks and AudioBooks available to any who would like those as insights into this world that Jess and Troy have recently started obsessing over (won't take long for you to find out why).

I will also share around some 3.5 and 4E resources on Eberron to those who are interested… think like the SCAG, but for Eberron, for another system of D&D – still loads of lore and good info, its just the mechanics (the minimal part of the publication) that will be of limited use (still gives you a feel).

Anyone who didn't see it, Eberron in 5E was covered in an Unearthed Arcana article here: (click the link at the bottom – I don't like linking directly to stuff that downloads files…).

At this point, I'd steer clear of the dedicated Eberron Wikia if I were you (lots of spoil in there, as it's largely a DM resource), but anything in the Wikipedia pages is fair game:

Lightning Rail Distances Point to Point


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