Ariel (d’)Phiarlan
Did not kill Luna Brightstar, Lyn Runehammer, Al’xander or Racket between 1620 and 1720 on Wir, 18th of Aryth 998 YK.

Cantrips you cast ignore half cover or three-quarter cover.

Bard spells you cast qualify for Wild Magic Surges.

Luna Brightstar
Dodge may be performed as a Bonus Action while in sunlight.
Hellish Rebuke is always prepared, and an additional first level spell slot is available which may only be used to cast Hellish Rebuke.
You have Prestidigitation and Blade Ward added to your list of known Cantrips.

Lyn Runehammer
The Eldritch Knight feature Bonded Weapon may now be performed on Armor as well as Weapons.

While in Wild Shape, you gain the Pack Tactics feature against any creature whose size is the same as your chosen Wild Shape form or smaller.

You perceive all senses through your Animal Companion in addition to yourself so long as your Animal Companion is alive and on the same plane as you. Additionally, you may choose the better modifier between you and your Animal Companion when making Intelligence or Wisdom checks.

Magnus Deneith
Whenever you would receive Temporary Hit Points from one source, you gain twice the number of Temporary Hit Points instead.
Damage which consumes all of your remaining Temporary Hit Points does not carry over surplus damage to your hit points.
Damage you deal while it is not your turn is increased by 1d12. Damage dealt to you during your turn is reduced by 1d12.
As a Bonus Action you can invert your Paladin Aura to reduce Saving Throw modifiers of enemies within range. You may restore your Paladin Aura to normal through use of another Bonus Action.

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You may take a second Bonus Action during a turn in which you have spent Ki.


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