Lyn Runehammer


57 Years old
4’ 4" Tall
174 lbs Stout
Blue Eyes
Light Skin (Unless covered in muk)
Orange/Brown Hair and Beard


Lyn Runehammer,
Of Clan Mroranon, the finest miners in all of Khorvaire.

While growing up, followed soldiers out on scouting trips under the Ironroot Mountains to observe and hunt the Jhorash’tar Orcs. The soldiers chased him off while he was young, but when he was of age, they let him tag along and trained him in the use of the Maul. Became proficient with the hammer, as both a mining tool and a weapon for combat. Picked up basic Orcish language while eavesdropping on Orc camps and from what the other soldiers themselves had learned.

Lyn set after his father though, taking up the hammer and pick to pull rich gemstones and precious metal ore out of the ground. But he still snuck out with the hunting parties occasionally, keeping up his proficiency with the Maul.

The use of the Xorn in the mines replaced the need for so many dwarves, and many headed out to find other work. Lyn stayed on initially and learned Terran, the language of the creatures, strange beasts from the Plane of Lamannia, but eventually also left.

Hopping on a lightning rail to Breland, to guard a shipment of ore, Lyn took in the lands outside of his mountain home for the first time. Though, on arrival in Breland, was confronted with a large Aundairian force holding the town. Facing the proposition of joining the military or being jailed, he signed on and was shipped off to battlefields in surrounding Thrane and Aundair. Now that the Treaty has been signed, he is completing his required service in Arcanix along with a cheerful Halfling Cleric, a quiet Elfven Warlock, an adolescent elven rogue and a steadfast warforged, capable of some beautiful music.

Positive PC Interaction
Xander – Held me back from punching someone i shouldn’t have, keeping a calm head when i could not.

Negative PC Interaction
Arial – Doesn’t follow orders necessarily, but is a proficient individual soldier acting outside of given orders.

NPC I have become close to
Barber – D’fwan, Warforged
Grooms my beard

Lyn Runehammer

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