Luna Brightstar


Luna Brightstar was raised in the Talenta plains by her Grandmother whom everyone referred to as “Sunny”. Luna never knew her parents, and her Grandmother had always deflected Luna’s questions and said that they went on a trip to a better place and never returned. When Luna was 8 years old her Grandmother had started talking to her about Dol Arrah and the light she brings to Eberron, this including teaching Luna how to do simple things such as mend a broken pot or produce a light.

Luna grew up as many children of the plains do with small chores around the village but mostly roaming and playing with the dinosaurs. Every night Luna would sit with Sunny and listen to the tales of Dol Arrah, and the things she can do to help the world. Sunny also spent time teaching Luna the languages she knew which surprisingly included Abyssal. As Luna grew, her endearment of Dol Arrah grew with her. Every light she produced, every pot or pan that was mended made Luna feel warm and accomplished inside. Luna would pressure Sunny to reveal more of Dol Arrah to her as the years went by and Luna became proficient in more miracles such as healing the wounded and even producing fire in bouts of anger.

Luna had a temper. As much as she had love and acceptance for those that showed their nature, she had a hot streak and was very prone to vengeful thoughts. Sunny would always tell Luna to turn the other cheek and let things slide, but Luna found it difficult to let go slights against her and those she cared for. This temper got Luna in trouble more than once.

As the years progressed and Luna came of age, Sunny started to become secluded. Still seeing Luna each night to talk of Dol Arrah and practice languages, but Sunny would see no one else. Sunny was almost paranoid in dealings with anyone other than Luna. Luna pushed Sunny one night to get to the bottom of the strange behaviour, and Sunny caved and told Luna that she had a run in with Baholahar, roughly translates to The Author of Anguish, a demon she had crossed paths with before she had returned to the desert and Luna was born. The demon was tracking Sunny down and she had heard rumours of sightings not far from their settlement. With tears in both Sunny and Luna’s eyes, Sunny produces a small golden earring and hands it to Luna, “This is where I must away Luna, I do not wish to bring this demons ill will upon anyone. Take this token of Dol Arrah and spread proof of her miracles across the world. Do not try to convince people with words like an ordinary zealot, SHOW them the wonders Dol Arrah can do and let people decide for themselves”. And with that Sunny picked up an already prepared backpack and bedroll, kissed Luna on the forehead and left the tent without another word.

Luna spent the next few weeks in inner turmoil. She fumed and raged at the world and this demon that had taken her grandmother away. She spent days basking in Dol Arrah’s light asking for direction. She spent time venting her anger at this demon on anything around her. And spent time asking forgiveness for the anger. One day Luna awoke with the sun falling on her face from a small hole in the tent’s roof, nothing unpleasant just a warm kiss from the sun. At that point Luna made the decision to take her grandmothers words to heart. She would travel and spread the word of Dol Arrah just as Sunny had asked, if she spent any more time without direction she would be more destructive than helpful. So Luna packed all her possessions, including her grandmothers earring and set out from the plains.

For years Luna travelled the land, helping those that could not help themselves. Offering healing and mending services for any in need, free of charge. She would perform Dol Arrah’s miracles and basked in the faces of children as their shoes snapped back together into a working state, or as their broken arm repaired itself. Luna wandered from the plains south through the outreaches of Velnar, across the bottom of what was at the time Cyre and due to the tense standing of Talentans in Cyre did not stay long and moved down into Darguun. She spent some time in Darguun, attempting to show the beastmen that inhabited the land the joys of Dol Arrah, but they were of a most not interested. After a few run-ins with the local Darguun tribes that did not take kindly to Luna’s offers of aid, Luna took to the north cutting through Zilargo and Breland and winding up in Arcanix. While in Arcanix, Luna experienced first hand what the war could do and set about helping anyone that she could. To best suit this purpose Luna enlisted in the Arcanix military to offer her services of aid to those that might need it most. It was here, in the Arcanix army that Luna met an unfortunate bunch…… two elves, a warforged and a grizzly dwarf that would become the one they all looked to.

Luna Brightstar

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